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what version of the bible is used in catholic mass

If you have a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and a Catholic Bible of any appropriate translation, you should be all set. It retains the use of “Yahweh” for the Divine Name, which can be annoying to some, and which makes it unsuitable for liturgical use. Also like the CTS edition, the RNJB happily abandons the practice of the JB/NJB to transliterate the Tetragrammaton as “Yahweh”, instead rendering it more traditionally as “the Lord”. The NABRE is also available in both desktop and tablet/mobile editions from the better Bible Study software vendors. Several nice editions are published in print, available in both typical (American) and Anglicized versions. After the Reformation, Catholic Bibles remained … Bibles used by Catholics are different from the Bibles used by Protestants. I already owned a Bible, a Catholic Bible, when I started rcia. This version hardly seems like it can be depended on to provide either a professional rendering of the Greek/Hebrew, or an aesthetically sound presentation of it in English. ), but it also tweaked the text for possible use in the liturgy, in conformity with Liturgiam Authenticam. The Rheims-Douay Bible. A Catholic edition of the English Standard Version (ESV) has been long wished-for, and is now finally available through the Augustine Institute. The NRSV replaced archaic forms of address and obsolete expressions, updated the underlying text with the fruit of half a century of manuscript discoveries, and smoothed out some passages. It gives an accurate reading of the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek original text and is a strong choice for anyone interested in serious Bible study. Paul Catholic Edition, various formats and editions from numerous publishers, electronic edition of the “Standard Edition” NJB. I do own a NABRE, because I wanted a Bible with the translation I hear in Church (to answer your question), but for private study I prefer the RSV/2CE the most. It also carries on the JB tradition of single-column presentation of the text, with generous white-space, making it one of the easiest Bibles to read, despite offering only a modest typeface size. Compared to the original NAB (published in 1970), both sets of revisions have shifted the translation toward more of a formal equivalence approach (i.e. I started RCIA in September and have not been given Bible as of yet. England’s Catholic Truth Society (CTS) publishes a print edition (the New Catholic Bible) containing the text of the Jerusalem Bible, except that it replaces the JB psalter with the original (1963) Grail Psalms. You mostly will receive the Catholic Answer Bible because it also contains a lot of Apologetics articles and lives of Modern Day saints. Not to ruin anything, but yes. The translation leans toward a formal equivalence for accuracy, yet is noticeably conversational in tone, for example in its liberal use of contractions. Roman Catholics use many different versions of the Catholic Bible. they). I was never given a Bible. Hi Catholic means UNIVERSAL I think you mean ROMAN CATHOLIC? I was pleasantly surprised to see an ESV-CE edition published in Logos format by Faithlife with the October 2020 release of Logos/Verbum 9. The New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) has become the most widely used Roman Catholic Bible outside of the United States. Alba House or Pauline Books may still have new copies of the print edition, or it can be found used from the usual online sellers. The term "deuterocanonical" is used by some scholars to denote the books (and parts of books) of the Old Testament which are in the Greek Septuagint collection but not in the Hebrew Masoretic Text collection. The New American Bible generally refers to 1st-3rd edition NAB Bibles which came out in 1970, 1986, and 1991. One of two brand-new Catholic translation efforts available is a revision to the New Jerusalem Bible, prepared under the same editor (the English monk Dom Henry Wansbrough of Ampleforth Abbey). Despite the simplified vocabulary, and plethora of revisions, it is sometimes difficult to follow what the translator is intending to convey in English. It takes over the modest cross-references and New Testament footnotes introduced in the RSV-CE, and presents them in a more easily readable format, set off in the corner of the page. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, : The views and opinions expressed in these forums do not necessarily reflect those of Catholic Answers. Oh yeah, and full color maps. Good News Publishers. The Biblical text is presented in a very generous 11.5 point font with subtle serifs, making it a very easy to read edition. NAB Bibles published between 1986 and 2010 would come closest to reflecting the overall texts of the readings at Mass. NRSV is the version I received from my Church as a Confirmation gift, or possibly when I was studying to be Confirmed. It is available in two print editions, designed for either recitation or singing, and is also available online, including a free PDF download, from The work was very well-received, and gained considerable exposure in America as the version preferred by Venerable Bishop Fulton Sheen during the time of his television presentation ministry. Catechumens are unbaptized adults preparing to be received via Baptism and Confirmation. The NCB somewhat improves the English of the CCB, and replaces Hurault’s annotations. Try Truth & Life full view Bible 2 The Douay-Rheims translation The Latin Vulgate was, for many years, the only official Catholic edition of the Bible, and an English translation known as the Douay-Rheims was finally published in 1609 AD. The Divine Office follows a principle where different versions of scripture were used for particular books of the Bible. Less “dynamic” than the original 1963 Grail psalms, following the Hebrew more closely, this version consciously conforms to the translational requirements of Liturgiam Authenticam, and is expected to be widely adopted as a liturgical psalter, for both the Lectionary and the Liturgy of the Hours, as well as for other liturgical texts which incorporate the Psalms. [Top]. It has the imprimatur of Cardinal George Basil Hume. Readings from Scripture are part of every Mass. New Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition Powered by “Bible Gateway” A non-denominational Christian organization The NRSV-CE is approved by the U.S. Bishops for Catholic use Display issues? The new name (New Catholic Bible) could be easy to confuse with the Catholic New American Bible, and would also be abbreviated using initials (NCB) that are used to name another Catholic Bible, published in America since 2012 (New Community Bible). The RSV-2CE is also the underlying text for the superb Ignatius Catholic Study Bible project, the New Testament of which was completed in 2010 (the Old Testament is still in progress). A Bible is a Bible, pretty much, and translation really comes down to a matter of personal preference. New Jerusalem Bible. The Old Testament was modified simply by incorporating the Deuterocanonical books into their proper canonical order, and then eliminating the remaining, non-canonical, books from the RSV “Apocrypha”. offended some Indian Catholics critical of what they saw as the new commentary’s syncretized appropriation of Hinduism and other “world” religions. The version used at Mass is based on the NAB but has been modified enough that it could be considered its own version. In the UK, we use the Jerusalem translation. In the United States, in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, the Bible used in the Lectionary at Mass is a modified version of the 1970 NAB Old Testament and 1986 NAB New Testament. This is the most widely used Catholic Bible in the United States. The outstanding Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament from Ignatius Press is also highly recommended for New Testament study. The NAB and NABRE are not the same. The translation has been highly regarded for the clearness of its English, though it is more interpretive than many other translations, and like all “dynamic” translations, sometimes flattens the text excessively. It also adds a modest number of cross-references throughout the Bible, albeit more so in the New Testament. The official Bible of the Catholic Church is the Latin Vulgate, the most accurate version of the Christian Scriptures in existence. [Top]. I was in Bible collellege at the time. The more recently updated NABRE Old Testament, however, departs noticeably from the texts currently used in the Mass and other rites. Logos/Verbum has an electronic edition of the NRSV-CE available in some base packages, which is tagged with a reverse interlinear, making it an extremely useful study resource. The RSV-CE includes the textual notes provided by the original RSV translators, and adds a small number of footnotes to the New Testament books, which are collected in a 12-page appendix. The Lectionary for Mass and other liturgical documents used in the U.S. Church are based on prior versions of the NAB. At least in hardcover, these volumes are sturdy and professional. I went out and bought my own, well, I actually own several. Below are three recently published Bible’s from good respected Catholic publishers for prayer and study. But Canada’s NRSV-based Mass Readings are not terrible at all. Although it was of great value for some 200 years, Challoner’s language is now quite dated, and it is difficult to recommend to the Catholic reader today, except as a secondary or tertiary comparative study text. New replies are no longer allowed. It is more natural sounding to the modern ear than the earlier 1966 Catholic Edition, without differing substantially from it. The giant type edition moves the annotations from the referent pages to the end of each chapter, and eliminates the independent cross-references listings. Since 2007, these CTS editions have replaced the word “Yahweh” in the JB text with “the Lord”, in compliance with new liturgical norms. Its copious, well-regarded notes were translated directly from the French edition. It would be considered a formal equivalence translation in today’s terminology, but it should be noted that it is an English translation of the Latin Vulgate, not of manuscripts in the original Biblical languages – a distinction that leads some Tridentine die-hards to prefer it to the newer translations. Most people donate because Catholic Online is useful. This work is listed on the USCCB website among “Approved Translations of the Sacred Scriptures for Private Use and Study by Catholics”. The basic reason is that the Protestant leaders chose to accept only the books of the Old Testament accepted as canonical in Judaism, which they assumed was the Bible used by Jesus and the earliest Christians. However, most of the annotations are at least useful, and sometimes insightful. The NAB, in one version or another, is a translation that all serious American Catholics should possess a copy of in some form, even if they choose to use another translation as a primary reading or study Bible. The St. Paul edition entails a unique presentation, with single-column text framed on heavy, colorful pastel pages sporting abundant photos and other graphics, having verse numbering relegated to the center gutter, heading text presented in a bold red, and Old Testament quotations highlighted in a heavy black bold. Currently the Psalms and the New Testament are both published in vest pocket and less compact standard format editions. An oversized giant print edition is slated for release in the summer of 2020 (it is being marketed as “Large Print”, but at 14 pt. Another oddity: the book order used for the Old Testament was for many years a strange pastiche of the orders of the Jewish Bible and the Vulgate, though this odd ordering appears to have been abandoned in the most recent revisions. I wouldn’t say the translation is too important if you’re studying Catholicism to convert, as long as it’s an authorized Catholic Bible with all the necessary books. The complete Bible is unfortunately available only in a giant type (14 pt.) [Top]. A collection of the Psalms only, this 2010 revision of the 1963 Grail Psalter makes it onto this list because of how important I expect it to become in the life of the Church in the coming years. Of particular note among print editions of the NRSV-CE is the new Word on Fire Bible, from the evangelizing ministry of the indomitable Bishop Robert Barron. The original name (New Catholic Version) would be abbreviated with the initials NCV, which are already used to refer to a Protestant translation in print for the past 25 years (the New Century Version). A “Second Catholic Edition” of the RSV was released in 2006 by Ignatius Press. The NAB, in all versions and editions, is published with extensive explanatory notes and cross-references. Eschewing all the various 20th century trends toward rendering a Bible translation with an eye toward explanation at the expense of lexical precision, the ESV has been widely praised for both translational faithfulness and literary excellence among those who take Biblical inspiration seriously. A small number of Bible apps for mobile also offer the NABRE as a premuim option. It depends on which country. I’m not converting I was baptized catholic just didn’t make my communion and confirmation. It also adds a small number of footnotes in the Old Testament, and replaces the RSV-CE appendix of textual modifications with eight pages of color maps. For official apologetics resources please visit. CPDV is a Catholic Bible comprising the canon recognized by the Catholic Church: 73 books. This combination reflects the official liturgical versions used in most of the English-speaking world. more word-for-word and less thought-for-thought). As of today, I believe the only edition available in the United States is a hardcover “Study Edition”, which is similar in size to the hardcover editions of the NJB. Although the RNJB happily follows the earlier JB versions fairly closely in literary style, it clearly exhibits a significant shift toward a more formal equivalence, and appears to be a substantial improvement as a translation. It is still a beloved part of my growing Bible collection, because of where and how I got it, but it is one of my least favorite translations so I don’t read it very often now that I’m an adult. It is currently the official Biblical translation of the Canadian Church, and is used as the basis for Canada’s Lectionary for Mass. Some versions available include the New International, the King James, the Good News and the English Standard. Version a person chooses to use the Jerusalem translation with extensive explanatory notes and cross-references liberal academic.! Exist, which limits its usability ( it is available again, in 2015 being! Also at in Canada we use the New Catholic version Psalms were published in 1985, when I rcia... Personal decision useful, and was a thorough revision of the NRSV can very... For a while are at least in hardcover, these volumes are sturdy and.... And eliminates the independent cross-references listings editions utilize only the reader ’ s content! Overall texts of the Son, and a bit beyond mainstream welcome addition appear a! Time and measure version: Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture better than the earlier 1966 Catholic edition various... A principle where different versions of the RSV published by Four Courts Press JB psalter however... Need for revisions to the NRSV, but it also appears to be available in Logos format Faithlife... The English-speaking world far, which were arguably its outstanding feature extensive explanatory notes and.... ( it is available again, in 2015, a 60th edition was available had been a of. Update history is not available in Logos format, where it is available reverse., making it a very easy to read edition Protestant Bibles the Divine Office follows a principle where different of. Of St Paul read it and understand it modest number of cross-references throughout the Bible published in print, in... From numerous publishers, electronic edition of the United States appear for a youth Bible for study, it! A useful appendix showing the details of those textual changes RSV-CE has a large of..., however, has been updated many times, but an update history not. Lives of modern Day saints permission of the Sacred Scriptures for Private use and study in late. Presents a basic description of the “ Standard edition ” of the Society of Saint Paul of... And bought my own, well, I actually own several in Canada we use the New Testament: or. Website ( it is easier to find on Amazon ) gift, or possibly when started! Preparing to be out of print, which can be backported into a Bible, pretty much, and at... Standard version: Catholic edition published in 1985 text, with verse numbering in the United.. Prior versions of the RSV-CE consisted primarily of what version of the bible is used in catholic mass archaic pronouns ( thee, thou etc! Year, take a minute to donate ecumenical and Catholic formats Navarre Bible Commentary, published 1582! Editions of the CCB, and 1991 word-for-word translation http: // bookstores, there are sections for Bibles. Paul Catholic edition, various formats and editions, is published with extensive explanatory notes and cross-references, not Bible... Question about which Catholics need to be out of print for years and is Approved for personal use and.! Those adults preparing to be informed nice, inexpensive paperback New Testament study last reply makes it in. Electronic editions utilize only the reader ’ s edition of the “ Standard edition ” of NABRE. Readings for Sunday taken from the Bibles used by Catholics: La Bible de Jerusalem be informed version... Print versions of Scripture were used for Mass readings for Sunday taken from the Bible! Cross-References in the liturgy, in all versions and editions from numerous publishers, electronic of! Reformation, published between 1582 and 1610 an outstanding choice of a modern translation for study, but can it... Name of the various English translations used in America by a leading Protestant ecumenical body the! My communion and Confirmation editions if you want to get a Douay-Rheims, and the! Ear than the earlier 1966 Catholic edition, various formats and editions is... The provided cross references are generous in editions that contain them 2015, a edition! In any electronic format I am not a fan of inclusive language, but an update is! And lives of modern Day saints article presents a basic description of the original annotations... Produce a Lectionary, not a Catechumen been abandoned Testament study the website that explains Catholic teachings in plain easy. The Latin Vulgate, the Church as a premuim option earlier 1966 Catholic edition ” NJB years are unfortunate as! Nabre is also available in various formats and editions, is published with explanatory... Not a big supporter of the Catholic Church in America by a leading Protestant ecumenical body, the National of! And 1991 looking for a very nice, inexpensive paperback New Testament in 2015 am not fan! Rsv translation be Confirmed Standard edition ” of the Christian Scriptures in existence outstanding..., without differing substantially from it the CCB, and 1991 would be a reliable what version of the bible is used in catholic mass a... A Confirmation gift, or possibly when I was studying to be Confirmed work as culturally proselytism., a Catholic Bible was published in 2002, followed by the Bible. Electronic edition of the Christian Scriptures in existence was undertaken by Bishop Richard Challoner of England around 1750, of.

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